Tyros 5-61XL


ONE ONLY - A pristine secondhand Tyros 5 with 2.1 speaker system ideal for stage, home or studio!

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One only available at the beginning of May 2017

£2,425.00 inc VAT
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We Think

ONE ONLY SECONDHAND IN PRISTINE CONDITION, so please be quick if you want to reserve this bargain!  It will be available at the end of April, and local customers will be able to book a demo if genuinely interested.

We have one used (but pristine) Yamaha Tyros 5 (non-boxed), supplied to a local customer in December 2015, along with the TRS speaker system (speakers are boxed). This has never been "gigged" or moved from its position when we delivered it 16 months ago!

The Tyros 5 workstation sees a few choice upgrades (a 500Gb hard disk for example, and REAL AUDIO styles), but frankly, the most important is that the voice set has been vastly improved over previous Tyros models. Yamaha have even developed new technologies for the orchestral sounds (Ensemble Voices), and the Tyros 5 provides the richest collection of organ voices to date, grouped in a new location called 'Organ World'!   Watch the video demo below!

'Super Articulation' and 'Super Articulation 2' voices are hugely increased in number, and this technology now makes it to other voicing groups too. These are premium sounds, with unparalleled levels of dynamics and expressive nuances. However, the new 'Ensemble' voice set is outstanding, given the fact that the Tyros 5 even separates out the sections of the orchestra to different sonic locations.  

It retains many of the most popular features from previous Tyros models which is good news, as experienced Tyros players will be able to handle this latest generation with ease. The handy Music Database is still there (now expanded to 2,500 records), as it the OTS, score display and vocal harmoniser for example, and even the 61-note keyboard is the same 'FSX' design. 

Recording? The Tyros-5 has a 16-track MIDI sequencer with USB audio recorder, allowing for monumental recording lengths of 80 minutes before backing-up your compositions to memory stick. The two sequencers have now a cross-fade slider, allowing live performer to 'cue up' the next song on stage! 

Of course, there is so much we can say about this instrument which really does sound as beautiful as it looks in it's sleek, 'titanium-look' chassis. If you are seriously interested in owning this SECONDHAND model, please give us a ring on (01752) 313300 - we would be happy to discuss delivery options and prices after speaking to our couriers.

Brief Specs

  • 61-note FSX keyboard
  • Touch sensitive
  • Aftertouch sensitive
  • Pitchbend / mod wheels
  • 4 x multipads (with audio link)
  • 9 sliders
  • 2 x Articulation switches
  • Full dot colour TFT VGA screen (640 x 480) 7.5"
  • Score & lyrics display
  • Text viewer
  • OTS (One Touch Settings) feature x 4 buttons
  • Custom wallpaper
  • 128-notes polyphonic
  • AWM stereo sampling
  • Cool, Mega, Sweet, Live, Ensemble, Super Articulation 1 and 2 technologies
  • 1279 preset sounds plus 480 XG voices
  • 40 organ world presets
  • 37 drum kits
  • Virtual drawbars function
  • GM/GS/XG compatible
  • 6.7Mb internal wave capacity (Max 1024Mb via optional flash module)
  • Synthesizer feature
  • 52 reverbs
  • 106 chorus effects
  • 9 x DSP effects processors
  • 5-band graphic EQ
  • 5 master compressors
  • Parts EQ
  • Microphone input
  • Vocal Harmoniser with 23 effects and 44 preset types
  • Vocoder (10 types)
  • 3 x right hand parts / 1 x left
  • 539 preset accompaniment styles (Freeplay, Audio, Pro and Session style types)
  • Audio styles
  • Additional accompaniment styles available online
  • Multiple fingering methods
  • Intro, fill, main break and ending buttons
  • Music Finder database with 2,500 records
  • User style feature
  • 16-track MIDI sequencer
  • SMF playback/save
  • Unlimited registration memories
  • USB audio recorder WAV format / (Playback MP3 and WAV)
  • Guide lamps
  • 500Gb internal hard drive
  • Optional USB flash memory (stick/pen)
  • Headphone socket
  • MIDI in & out
  • Aux in sockets
  • Dedicated main and sub outputs (jack type)
  • Auxillary pedal sockets (x3)
  • Video output connection
  • USB compatible
  • Power lead, CD-rom and music rest supplied
  • Ethernet port
  • Internet Direct Connection (IDC)
  • 4 x OTS (One Touch Setting) buttons
  • Multipads (4 pads) 190 banks with audio link
  • Cross fade slider
  • Performance Assistant Technology
  • Vocal cancel feature
  • 3 x right hand voices simultaneously (plus 1 x left hand)
  • Scale tuning (9 types)
  • Upgraded TRS-MS05 speakers included in pack

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 0.00 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 114 x 14 x 45 cm