Our “Request Quote” service – for busy music professionals

Simple steps for finding the best deal

Welcome to our interactive service, for music teachers, students and administrators working on behalf of recognised educational institutions.



It is ENTIRELY FREE, and WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION to purchase.  We know this may not be your final decision to make, but we believe that your colleagues will also see the value of the Starland service.

Three Simple Steps

  1. Login.  You must register a browsing account with your address and email by signing at the top of any web page.  We will check your education status (usually within an hour during weekdays, and a little longer at weekends).
  2. Browse our website, and when you find an item that you feel is a possibility for the future, you can click “Request Quote” to start building a list (Green button at the bottom of this screen). You should add the quantity you are
    considering, and you can add notes about your choice of colours, instrument size, or reed strength.
  3. 3. When you have finished creating your list, you can submit it for Starland’s Advisors to examine.
    We will aim to unlock as many discounts as we can find, and will make proposals if we can see any better alternatives.

    What happens then?

    Within a short while, you will receive our initial written quotation, and we encourage you to let us know if this is not perfect, as we can add or deduct quantities and items for a second or third version, until you are happy!  This is all part of Starland’s famed dedication to detail on behalf of our music education.   Our quotation will contain embedded images and safe links to more information, so please check your “Junk” folder as our quotation may be caught by a spam-trap on your computer!

Any queries – call 01752 313 300 or email team@starland.co.uk

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