Combi Bell Set 2 (CB20-1)

Popular combi-bell set of 20 notes (A61-E80 chromatic)
Item: CB20-PP275/PP276/PP277

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"The Gift of Music" range:

These items have been specially selected by the Starland Music Advisory team to be ideal gifts for a special occasion. These are not the cheapest instruments in our range, but they have been voted to be the best value for a beginner, and the package includes the essential accessories and aids to enable the pupil to start straight away on the new project. Maybe this will be the start of a long-term love for music.

More about this instrument:  

CB20 handbells: These can be placed on a desk, and tapped from above to ring each note, or alternatively can be played in the traditional manner by shaking each bell. This is an extended chromatic range of 20 coloured handbells, from A61 to E80, and are accurately tuned with a lovely pure sound. More details on this pack can be found HERE. 

More about this gallery of instruments:  

Hand Bells: For more details about the full range of instruments in this "gallery" on the website HERE.  Here you will see alternative models from top manufacturers, from which we have selected this "Gift of Music" package. 

What is included in this "Gift of Music" package: 

PP275 - set of 8 handbells C-C naturals

PP276 - set of 5 handbells C#, Eb, F#. Ab, Bb

PP277 - set of 7 handbells (A61, Bb62, B63) and four higher notes (C#77, D78, D#79, E80)



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Specially selected to feature in our "Gift of Music" selection

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