Focus On Sound PRO - 1250 User Licence (FOSUKPRO1250)

Focus On Sound PRO - 1250 User Licence (FOSUKPRO1250)

The PRO version of the highly popular educational cloud based music resource for up to 1250 students
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We Think

The PRO version of the highly popular cloud based music resource for up to 1250 students (1 year subscription).

This version is able to be customised (lessons, content and tests), and includes a 'My School' tab between Lessons and Results.

Now, teachers can: 

  • Assign work for individual classes, groups of classes or the whole school. This can be existing Focus on Sound content, tests or lessons, or you can set your own work including external links.
  • Set up and upload your own content for use in the Focus on Sound environment (pictures, audio, text, video, etc.)
  • Set your own tests, using up to 4 types of test and 17 different types of question. You can use FoS media or upload your own. We are confident that this facility will be far beyond what is possible in any existing virtual learning environment. Not all test and question types will be available at launch (some will arrive soon).
  • On their 'My Class' tab, students will only see the work assigned to their class or to the whole school.
  • Choose from existing Focus on Sound lessons or entirely new ones
  • Allocate the work to individual classes
  • Add internal or external web links


The Instruments section introduces an extremely wide range of classical, folk, jazz and rock instruments, and students learn how to identify them by sight and by listening to very high quality recordings.  Teachers can show the instruments on a whiteboard, clearly laid out (i.e. woodwind section, samba drums etc) and learn more about how they are held and played.  Students can then test their skills in identifying what they have learnt, and the achieved scores on each test are retained on each student's account). 

A major new adddition to the software is a selection of over 50 complete lessons.  Lesson topics include Indian Music, Drum Kit (2 lessons) Bach chorales, Elizabethan music, The Blues and even Bagpipes.  All the lessons can provide the teacher with test results, and students can work to improve their accuracy on their weaker topics. 

The SoundWords section covers 40 different topics, which explain over 700 music terms (eg Sonata, Serialism, Jazz/rock harmony, rhythm and metre, scoring etc) and countless other pieces of information that students doing GCSE and A-level music will find useful.  It includes explanations of the terms like back beat, madrigal, diminished 7th, and covers materials used by Edexcel, AQA and OCR exam boards, and the Associated Board aural training exercises. 

This is a licence for up to 1250 named students to use both programs for a year, on any computer they wish, whether at school, at home or on a more advanced mobile device (tablets and most smartphones). The latest version is downloadable and works best with an average broadband connection of around 2Mbps. 

Once a student, or a teacher, has registered, they can use any computer, whether at home, at school or on the bus, so homework can be set for those with a home computer! The annual licence fee includes the maintenance of sophisticated progress reports, which can be seen at any time by the teacher, and class progress reports can be printed via Excel. 

We strongly suggest that you try one of these packs for a year -  you will see the level of your students' knowledge climb to considerably greater heights. 

For more advice and queries, email , or ring us on 01752 313300.


System requirements: 

The program runs on the web. Most browsers will be fine, including all recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Edge and Safari. From 12th January 2016 we (and Microsoft) ceased support for Internet Explorer 10 and earlier. 

We support Windows 7 and later, though we recommend Windows 10. 

We'd recommend Mac OS X v10.6 "Snow Leopard" or more recent - with at least version 5 of Safari. The excellent Chrome browser in its latest version works well with earlier Mac computers and is to be preferred to older versions of Safari. 

We support iOS versions 8 and above. 

Contact us if you are not sure about whether your system will run our programs.

The program requires a broadband internet connection. We recommend a speed of at least 2 Mbs. Average broadband speed in the US is around 12 Mbs. In the UK it's 23 Mbs.

Brief Specs

The PRO version of the highly popular cloud based music resource, Site licence for up to 1250 students, New customisable features

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