Starland Music Ltd

In Synths Level 1, we have selected from a range of top manufacturers 'entry-level' models - good quality affordable designs, yet easy to operate. These generally won't have built-in speakers, so headphones or amplification will be required!

In our gallery of Synths Level 2, you will see professional 'Workstation' models incorporating a powerful synthesiser engine plus extensive recording and state-of-the-art performance features. Some feature keyboard lengths too, to suit all level of players and performers.

  • Jazz & Rock Organs

    Jazz & Rock Organs
    A wide selection of jazz and Rock organs from top manufacturers including Roland and Korg - Tel (01752) 313300 for details
  • Synths - Level 1

    Synths - Level 1
    Highly satisfying to play, these incredible keyboards are good creative tools, but like all synths will require separate amplifcation. The term "Level 1" is probably a misnomer - they're incredibly GOOD!
  • Synths - Level 2

    Synths - Level 2
    Spotted regularly on TV and large stages, these are the tools of the top professional keyboard players, and are highly sophisticated workstations for every style of music.