Auralia v.5 Multi Seat Licence (Minimum order 5 Seats)

Auralia v.5 Multi Seat Licence (Minimum order 5 Seats)

Auralia v.5 Educational Licence a minimum of FIVE users.

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We Think

The most comprehensive ear training program available to schools, this version of Auralia is a special educational multi-seat licence (minimum order is for 5 seats).

Please note that the name and address of your educational institution will be required, and you will receive 1 x install kit on a CD-ROM. Please note that the price shown here is 'per seat'. Ring us if you are unsure, and we will provide a written quotation by email.

With new features including note editing, updated interface, classroom featrures, student tasks, tests & courses, library content and much more, Auralia is a demanding program consisting of four main categories and subsidiary sections, which will test Intervals & Scales, Chords, Rhythm and Pitch & Melody.

If you are uncertain about the theoretical concepts involved, the 'Information Menu' will explain them and you can listen to each different interval/chord etc. You can then gradually build up your aural ability by working through the tests at progressively harder levels.

Teachers can use the package to devise appropriate tests for their students. In order to utilise the program to maximum effect, a microphone can be connected to the soundcard, which enables you to test your interval and even counterpoint singing, rhythmic imitation and much more. A fantastic interactive training program which we feel will help you along the way to Grade 8.

With 43 topics, Auralia is by far the most comprehensive ear training package! Auralia's drill based teaching is a fun and easy way to use your computer for ear training. Auralia leads you through a variety of graded exercises, and presents instant feedback. All of your results are recorded, and you may sing or play your answers using your microphone or MIDI keyboard. Auralia is suitable for both classical and contemporary musicians of any age and ability!

Auralia's interactive lessons make ear training easy and fun. It guides students through hundreds of graded exercises and gives instant feedback. You can even play or sing answers using a MIDI keyboard or microphone. Auralia automatically marks the exercises so students can use it on their own, freeing up hours of teaching time. It even records student results so you can monitor their progress over time.

Auralia is perfect for schools, colleges, universities and anyone learning or teaching an instrument. Please note minimum computer requirements -

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • 500mb Hard Disk space (initial without
    media downloads)
  •  Internet connection required for initial
  • Internet connection required for ongoing
    media downloads & Cloud edition
  • Mac OS
  • OSX 10.7 minimum
  • 500mb Hard Disk space (initial without media downloads)
  • Internet connection required for initial activation
  • Internet connection required for ongoing media downloads & Cloud edition
  • 1152 x 720 screen resolution minimum

All platforms: Microphone optional.


Brief Specs

Multi-seat user licence for Auralia (Minimum order is FIVE seats), 43 topics covered, Comprehensive ear training software for schools, Sophisticated tracking allows you to easily monitor and assess your students, Focuses on scales, rhythm, harmony, form, pitch, melody and musch more, An inspiring program for any music student!

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