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Mixcraft 8 Multi-Site Version (ACO420) 100-499 User Licence

Entry-level Digital Audio Workstation with professional features for 100-499 users
Item: ACO420

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We Think

A special multi-seat licence for between 100-499 users, this is a special 'education only' edition, and is the latest version of the popular Mixcraft DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) program.

Now Mixcraft 8 sees many additions, refinements and more for easy and fast recording of audio and MIDI tracks,  together with mixing, file exporting and an exciting range of virtual instruments.

 A well established software package in education, this version 7 could be compared to an entry-level version of Steinberg's Cubase.  Mixcraft 8 is a fraction of the cost with certain elements taken away, but the main recording, production, editing and mixing elements are retained. At this price, Mixcraft 8 is a very good alternative to the Cubase range of digital recording software programs.

However, the advantage with Mixcraft is quick results due to the superbly designed interface which will see MIDI or audio tracks recorded quickly and easily (after an initial setup fo the software). The learning curve for Mixcraft 7 is measured in hours, rather than months!

Mixcraft 8 provides a vast range of editors too (piano-roll, limited notation) and is supplied with a suite of plug-ins from synths to tonewheel organ simulator and 22 high quality effects (for processing an electric guitar for example), are also featured.

A wealth of pro features are included too (rewire support, time stretch, pitch shifting, video support etc) and with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks at hand, Mixcraft-8 is suitable for realtime recording from a MIDI keyboard with sounds onboard. Alternatively,you can program tracks using a USB controller keyboard usingwith the 'virtual instrument suite' (for which there are unlimited slots!), or drag and drop over 6000 supplied sampled sounds and loops before editing, mastering and mixing down to WAV, MP3 and other file formats.

Mixcraft 8 (for PC only) does all the above and a lot more besides (see below for more details). Those working on a budget who require a program which has elements of Cubase programs should consider Mixcraft-8 Academic.

Brief Specs

  • Unlimited MIDI tracks
  • Unlimited audio tracks
  • Unlimited plug-in slots
  • Compatible with VST and DX instruments
  • Unlimited slots for VSTi instruments
  • Dedicated video track
  • ASIO and WDM low latency support
  • Quick learning curve!
  • Library of over 6000 samples
  • Drag & drop samples
  • Program from MIDI or USB keyboards
  • Piano roll view
  • Limited notation editing
  • Suite of 8 virtual instruments supplied
  • 22 built-in effects
  • 'Shred Amp' simulator (17 cabinet models)
  • Mix down to MP3, WAV, OGG and other file formats
  • Burn CDs of your mix with one click!
  • Audio quality upto 192kHz / 32-bit
  • Time stretch (without affecting pitch)
  • Tempo & key detection
  • Import wav, Aiff, MP3 and WMA files
  • Noise reduction facility
  • Master / send tracks
  • Mixer with 3-band EQ, panning etc.
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Programmable from QWERTY keyboard
  • SMF compatible
  • Requirements: PC - 1Ghz CPU with 2Gb RAM / WinXP, Vista or Win7 compatible/Soundcard, USB or Firewire device


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