Music Stands, Tuners, Metronomes

Music Stands, Tuners, Metronomes

Essential accessories for bands and orchestras, we keep a wide range of music  stands, lights, mtronomes and tuners in stock.


The range of music stands is extensive, with popular brands and styles - please ask us for a quotaion by email, as we can normally unlock further educational discounts!

  • Metronomes

    A range of metronomes suitable for student practice. Keep in time with our vast selection!
  • Music Stands

    Music Stands
    A leading musical instrument site, Starland Music has a very wide selection of music stand for schools from RAT, Manhasset, Hercules and more, for the school orchestra, choir or any band!
  • Tuners

    A range of electronic digital tuners for guitars, piano, orchestral stringed instruments and more.