Nuvo N120CLBK Clarineo Clarinet Outfit (N120CL)

Nuvo N120CLBK Clarineo Clarinet Outfit (N120CL)

The 2.0 Clarineo 'C' model has several upgraded features and is a superb, practical clarinet alternative!
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We Think

The latest 2.0 Clarineo model has several upgraded features including improved mouthpiece and ligature, unbreakable silicon bell and pads, and a newly designed case! Lighter and smaller than a traditional clarinet:

Mouthpiece – now fitted with new integral ligature, easy to open with one hand. Remains compatible with Nuvo’s plastic reeds in 1, 1.5 and 2 strength, the Legere Viib or cane Eb size clarinet reeds and now also soprano saxophone reeds. 

Key caps – on the original Clarineo model these caps were silver, with the new generation model these are now silicone and coloured to match the trim of your instrument. 

Pads – new silicone pads for improved reliability and even seating. 

Bell – replacing the original bayonet fitting bell we now have a silicone bell similar to the “Straighten your jSax” bell for additional durability. 

Case – the new sleek design is fastened with two sturdy press studs and a patch of hook and loop fabric to keep your instrument secure and make it quick and easy to get out ready to play in no time while also reduced in size compared to the original to make it more child-friendly.

The first Lyons C clarinet was launched almost exactly 20 years ago, and our Educational division was the very first company to promote and supply these to schools.

The Nuvo Clarineo is pitched in the key of C, and is great for people playing with written music parts written in C (piano music, and many popular song albums, and hymns).

This very latest version uses up-to-date manufacturing techniques and designs, which result in an extremely lightweight, rugged instrument, which is easy for the owner to clean and adjust.

The Clarineo is designed for young children, especially recorder players, and comes with a simple snap-shut ligature arrangement. Made entirely of plastics, it's tone is extremely close to a clarinet the Clarineo needs minimal maintainence and assembly.

Easy to blow and therefore, the Nuvo Clarineo is Ideal for children 7 and over.

Available in a choice of colours including black / silver trim, white / blue trim, white / green trim, white / pink trim (please specify colour choice when ordering).

Brief Specs

Clarinet in the key of C, suitable for beginners of any age but ideal for the young beginner from age 7 upwards, Includes moulded case with 3x plastic and 1x wooden reed and accessories, Lightweight and durable, Available in a range of eye-catching colours, Fully-adjustable thumb rest, 100% waterproof for easy cleaning.

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