Publications & Resources

Publications & Resources

We have many pages of resource books, CDs, DVDs, CDROMs, posters and more in our latest printed catalogue, which is free to UK schools on request.  An increasing range from the catalogue are shown here, with more to follow this year. 


If you can't see what you are after in this section, give us a ring as the chances are we stock it!

  • Posters and Wallcharts

    Posters and Wallcharts
    A range of educational wallcharts, posters and a super range of whiteboards aimed at Music Teachers particularly!
  • Foundation to KS1

    Foundation to KS1
    A selection of music books, resources and tutors for foundation years to Key Stage 1
  • KS2 Resources

    KS2 Resources
    A wonderful range of books, tutors and resources suited to the KS2 music curriculum
  • KS3 Resources

    KS3 Resources
    A superb range of KS3 educational music books and resources for both student and Teacher alike!
  • KS4 (GCSE) Resources

    KS4 (GCSE) Resources
    A super range of musical resources for both Teacher and KS4 level students - Tel (01752) 313300 for details!
  • KS5 (Advanced Levels) Resources

    KS5 (Advanced Levels) Resources
    A range of music education resources books suitable for KS5 level music students including OCR, EDEXCEL and AQA examination boards
  • Manuscript, Theory & ABRSM Books

    Manuscript, Theory & ABRSM Books
    A range of student Music Theory books. Schools can request our FREE catalogue which shows our complete range of books, resources and more!
  • Music for Choirs

    Music for Choirs
    An extensive range of publications for choirs, from popular songs through to opera and Church music.
  • Tutor Books

    Tutor Books
    Another project for 2018-19 - we will gradually be filling this up with titles. Teachers - Please let us know if you have favourite tutor books your students need - we will then prioritise them. This will be under construction for some months - please bear with us.
  • Ensemble Music

    Ensemble Music
    A wide range of ensemble music books for schools. All ages and styles available!