Roland GO-KEYS

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Roland GO-KEYS

Roland 61-note keyboard with loops, pattern, over 550 sounds, Bluetooth, sensitive keys and USB

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We Think

Not your usual portable keyboard, rather a musical creation keyboard, filled with loops, patterns, hundreds of exciting sounds and loads of features.

Supplied with a mains adaptor, the GO KEYS really is a 'niche' instrument, with exceptional quality sound - suited for those who like to experiment, and look good at the same time (it's finished in eye-catching RED)!

At the heart of this instrument lies a vast library of 554 Roland quality sounds, covering all genres, and these are heard via the 2.5w inbuilt speakers. However, throw in loops, beats and arpeggiation, and you have musically creative model which is nott just fun, but is also easy to use.

The main panel is easy to navigate, with large buttons, and an LCD display gives futher control infromation. With fingered and single-finger chord modes onboard, the 61 touch-sensitive keys start and stop inspiring onboard loops - alternatively, play along with your favourite tracks with wireless connectivity from your smartphone to the GO-KEYS speakers. A battery power option makes this unique instrument completely wireless too!

With 1,232 patterns (22 sets x 56 patterns) onboard, inspiration is a button away, and additional realtime controls manifest in the form of ten 'Performance Pads', and  pitch/modulation.

From a rich sounding grand piano, through to synths, bass and drums, there is no shortage of exciting sounds, which are all further enhanced by onboard effects.

An onboard 30,000 note recorder is at hand too, allowing you to capture your performances (99 song saves as SMF format)!

An absolute powerhouse of creativity and quality sound, Roland's GO-KEYS is not your 'run of the mill' portable keyboard - watch the video below to find out what we mean:

Brief Specs

61 note touch sensitive keyboard with ivory feel, 3 levels of touch sensitivity, 128 note polyphony, GM2 MIDI conforming, 554 instrument voices, MultiFX, adjustable reverb, chorus, Damper resonance on piano sounds, Adjustable master tuning 415.3Hz - 466.2Hz, Transpose -5 - +6 in semitones, Octave shift -3 - +3, Sampling frequency 44.1kHz, 22 loop mix sets, 1232 patterns (22 sets x 56 patterns), Interactive chord function, 10 performance pads (5x2) , Pitch bend and modulation function, Standard MIDI file recorder, 99 songs capacity, On-board Bluetooth, Backlit character LCD display, 2 x 2.5 watt amplifiers, 2 x 6cm speakers, Stereo mini headphone jack output, Stereo mini jack aux input, 1/4 inch sustain pedal jack, USB to host port, Runs off AC adaptor or 6 x AA batteries

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 3.90 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 87.7 x 8.2 x 27.1 cm