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Roland 61-note lightweight practice piano with, Bluetooth, sensitive keys and USB

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We Think

Designed for the complete novice, Roland's 'GO PIANO' is a portable, lightweight instrument with five octaves and sensitive keys. The sound engine is derived from decades of Roland research and development and, we have to sounds superb! Battery powered (6 x AA) but supplied with a mains adaptor, the GO:PIANO can be used....well, anywhere!

With a range of piano, electric piano and other voices onboard, the 61-note keyboard features 'ivory feel' tops and are 'boxed', therefore giving a certain level of piano action. Don't be misled though, these keys are not as heavy as those of a real acoustic upright or grand piano!

The sounds onboard include 10 piano tones, 7 E.Piano tones, 7 organ tones and 16 'other' tones including a drum kit, vocal scat and Sound Effects kit.

The lovley sounds are delivered via the stereo 2.5w speakers onboard, and a headphone socket is standard issue (mini 3.5mm type). This can also double as an output for those who need to connect to your existing amplifier. An optional sustain pedal is available (see our selection of essential accessories below).

USB compatible too (for those who wish to control music software on a PC or Mac), the GO PIANO has Bluetooth MIDI support too, for advanced music lessons with your smartphone or tablet, again underlining the fact that this is a beginner's portable instrument.

The Go PIANO provides a healthy 128-notes of polyphony (no notes suddenly dropping out here!), allowing for advanced, sustained chords, whilst important features such as transpose and tuning are standard issue. The Go PIANO benefits from an octave shift feature, allowing you reach the low and high registers too.

An LCD display provides a detailed level of information and settings (reverb level, touch adjustment, sound select etc), whilst the navigation and control over this model is simplified, with many dedicated buttons available on the front panel for quick and easy access.

A 30,000 note recorder is onboard for those who need to record and practice, whilst an auxillary input is available for those who wish to play along with their i-Pod etc.

Supplied with a mains adaptor, the GO PIANO really is a 'niche' instrument, and will tick the box for many beginners given the price point and quality of sound!


Brief Specs

61 note touch sensitive keyboard, 3 levels of touch sensitivity, 128 note polyphony, GM2 MIDI conforming, 10 piano tones, 7 E.Piano tones, 7 organ tones, 16 other tones including 1 x drum kit and 1 x SFX kit, MultiFX, adjustable reverb, chorus, Damper resonance on piano sounds, Adjustable master tuning 415.3Hz - 466.2Hz, Transpose -5 - +6 in semitones, Octave shift -3 - +3, Adjustable metronome, Standard MIDI file recorder, 99 songs capacity, On-board Bluetooth, Backlit character LCD display, 2 x 2.5 watt amplifiers, Stereo mini headphone jack output, Stereo mini jack aux input, 1/4 inch sustain pedal jack, USB to host port, Runs off AC adaptor or 6 x AA batteries

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 3.90 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 87.7 x 8.2 x 27.1 cm