Start Samba 10-pack (Izzo-10)

Izzo Brazilian Samba drums with hand percussion and free Teacher's resource book
Item: IZZO-10

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We Think

Izzo's professional quality 10-player kit, bringing the authentic sounds of Brazilian Samba to you! 

Contents (please note that some smaller hand percussion items MAY be subject to change depending upon stock availability): 

  • 1 each of 14", 16" Senior surdos
  • 1x 12" repinique
  • 1x pandeiro
  • 2x tamborim
  • 2x double agogo bell
  • 1x metal ganza shaker
  • 1x apito samba whistle
  • Beaters for all the drums above
  • Straps for the 3 large drums
  • 1x Teach and Play Samba book


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Brief Specs

1 each of 14", 16" Senior surdos, 1x 12" repinique, 1x pandeiro, 2x tamborim, 2x double agogo bell, 1x metal ganza shaker, 1x apito samba whistle, Beaters for all the drums above, Straps for the 3 large drums, 1x Teach and Play Samba book. PLEASE NOTE THAT SOME OF THE SMALLER HAND PERCUSSION ITEMS MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DEPENDING UPON STOCK AVAILABILITY.

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