Studio 49 '1000 Series' Bass Diatonic Xylo

Studio 49's budget xylophone with fibreglass notes - supplied with beaters
Item: 49-BXG1000

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We Think

Ideal for use in schools! The unique, compact style makes transportation easy and saves storage space - invaluable in education environments! This glorious bass model from Studio 49's '10000 Series' has a big resonance box and long bars, which make for a rich and earthy sound whilst being reasonably light at about 8kg. 

Like all of the 1000 range models the resonance box is solid pine and the note bars are produced from fiberglass, which makes for a long lasting instrument with virtually no detectable fluctuations in tuning - as can sometimes be the case with solid wood note bars. 

The incorporated handles make the instrument extremely easy to move and store with great overall build quality. 

The model comes 2 x F# and 1 x Bb note bars which makes for a more versatile instrument. It can also be located with the 49-HBXG1000 chromatic half model which creates a fully chromatic instrument.

Also available is the '1600 series' with Pau Rosa notebars, and the premium '2000' series' with Honduras rosewood bars. Please ask for more details.

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Brief Specs

Big and bassey with a brilliantly rich sound, Solid, 12mm pine resonance box, Tonal range C28 - A49, Fiberglass note bars for longevity, Complete with 2 beaters

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 0.00 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 0 x 0 x 0 cm