Yamaha Bb/F Tenor Trombone (YSL448GE)

Intermediate Bb/F trombone outfit with yellow brass construction and supplied as an outfit
Item: YSL448GE

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We Think

The Yamaha YSL448GE Bb/F trombone model is aimed squarely at the improving or advanced player. The yellow brass material gives it a powerful, warm sound and is perfect not only for solo lines but also blends nicely as part of a brass section. This is the Bb/F model which essentially means that the instrument has an extra attachment of tubing which lowers, by way of a valve, the fundamental pitch of the instrument from Bb to F.

This trombone has a large, open bore, which not only gives the instrument a lovely, free blowing quality but also does wonders for the overall sound projection, On top of that the instrument as a very accurate intonation and the build quality is superb thanks to its handcrafted assembly, something which is normally only expected on top end professional instruments.

The inner slide is chrome plated nickel silver which is chosen for longevity but is also sensitive enough to provide a quick response. The F attachment is of the traditional open wrapped design which encourages a free airflow. The bell materials have been upgraded from the previous model to Gold Brass, a material well regarded for its warm sound. Yamaha have also designed a rather unique slide lock which ensures that the slide is kept securely in place. Lastly the weight distribution ensures that this is an easy instrument to hold even for the younger player.

This superb model is supplied as an outfit, complete with mouthpiece, case and cleaning materials.

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Brief Specs

Design based on Yamaha top end models, Handcrafted assembly - unique at this price point, Ideal for the more advanced player, Outfit complete with mouthpiece, case and cleaning materials, Powerful sound projection, Very smooth valve action

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