Yamaha P121

Ultra lightweight 73-note portable piano with 'GHS' key-action and beautiful 'Pure CF' sound engine
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We Think

73-note pianos (6 full octaves C-C), were quite popular in the 80's for performers who required a compact, lightweight and practical solution. Based on this, Yamaha have seen a gap in today's market, with the release of the compact P121, an ultra lightweight (just 10Kg) contemporary design, with state of the art technologies.

A beautiful sounding, sleek chassis instrument, Yamaha's P121 retains a lighter GHS key action, but with a level of flexibility that allows the novice to practice via the (7w) built-in speakers, but also gives the 'live' performer the option to connect to amplifiers and mixers via a pair of stereo line outputs.

Available in a black finish (or white if you prefer), and, with a sturdy chassis, the P121 is an extension to Yamaha's world popular 'P' series digital pianos, and has soaked up some of the more significant digital piano technologies from Yamaha's portable models higher in their range.

For example, the P121 provides an uprated 192-note polyphony as well as Yamaha's acclaimed 'Pure CF' voicing engine, with pianos 'sampled' from a top end Yamaha Concert Grand! Damper resonance and Intelligent Acoustic Control also makes an appearance for further piano voice enhancements.

The level of detail for the piano voices include damper resonance, stereo sustain samples, keyoff samples and string resonance, whilst the other 24 onboard voices include JUST the essentials, such as electric pianos, clavi, bass, organs and strings (sounds can be split and layered too).

With 192-note polyphony, the P121 certainly won't 'drop notes' when performing across its (lighter) Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) key action.  To some live performers or accomplished players, this may seem a little too light, but to the novice, it is an ideal weight for those who need to develop strength of hand. 

With adjustable touch sensitivity to make playing this 73-note (USB compatible) model comfortable, Yamaha clearly are looking to cater for many end users, including those who require an ideal 'weighted' instrument for computer music application programming.

For Music Teachers in a busy classroom where space saving, portability can be an issue, two headphone sockets are provided for Teacher & student to practice and even duet in silence. Students can take this a step further too with a helpful song recorder (2 tracks) which saves any composition as SMF (Standard MIDI File) format.

Standard issue tuning/transpose features are onboard and for fun factor, Yamaha have gone a step further with a built-in rhythms 'styles'. Rather than play along to a metronome 'click', why not practice to an 8-beat, 16-beat, Bossanova or March rhythm for example. 

The P121 would have been selected for our next gallery (Stage Pianos), as it does have stereo outputs for connecting to your PA system or external amplifier when performing on stage or in a hall. However, the lighter GHS keyboard action is primarily designed for beginners and we therefore feel that this section is where it's home should be.

At just 10Kg in weight, the P121 is transportable in one of our keyboard bags as shown below, and an optional fixed frame wooden stand (L121) and 3-way pedalboard (LP1) is also available for this model.

Available in black or white finishes, schools can contact us (or click Request Quote above) for special educational discounts!

Brief Specs

73 note graded hammer action keyboard with matte black sharps (GHS), • 4 levels of touch sensitivity, • 'Pure CF' piano sound engine with 192 note polyphony, • 24 high quality instrument voices, • 4 types of reverb , • Intelligent acoustic control (IAC) setting for added realism , • Sound boost , • Damper resonance , • Dual and layered voice settings , • Split keyboard mode , • Twin keyboard mode, • 21 demo and 50 preset piano songs , • 1 song, 2 track recording facility , • 100KB song data capacity , • SMF song recording and playback format , • Metronome , • 20 rhythm beats , • Transpose feature , • Adjustable master tuning , • 2 x 1/4 inch headphone sockets , • Sustain pedal socket with half pedal capability (with optional FC3 sustain pedal , • Compatible with optional 3 pedal unit, • AUX OUT L/L+R, R sockets , • USB TO HOST port , • 2 x 7W amplifiers , • 2 x 12cm plus 2 x 4mm speakers , • 9W power consumption , • Auto power off feature , • Supplied with power adaptor, music rest and footswitch type sustain pedal

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 10.00 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 111.4 x 16.6 x 29.5 cm