Yamaha PSREW410

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Yamaha PSREW410

Advanced 76-note workstation with synth, sequencer, sampler & USB memory
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We Think

Taking music creativity to a new level !!

This is Yamaha's 48-note polyphonic, 76-note music workstation deserves to be placed within our 'Progressive Keyboards Level 2' gallery for a couple of reasons. Certainly this powerful model provides an extended keyboard (76 touch-sensitive keys), but with additional speaker power rated at 12 watts per channel AND stereo output sockets (left & right), this model is treading on 'performance keyboard' territory!

Quite simply put, the PSREW410 is breathtakingly lifelike and a VERY important model in Yamaha's keyboard lineup. Suitable for many levels of playing ability, the PSREW410 has been designed with a wide range of  players in mind, from students through to live performers on stage and home enthusiasts.

AND WHAT A SOUND! With 758 onboard voices and, Yamaha's 'Live' Grand Piano voice, this model incorporates cutting-edge sound technologies too (Sweet, Cool and Dynamic voicing for example), resulting in a fantastic and authentic range of musical sounds (some of which are normally very difficult to reproduce digitally). Yet, Yamaha have broken through, and voices such as acoustic guitars and saxophones are stunningly lifelike! Of course, you can expect synth, orchestral, percussion, piano sounds, .....with everything else in between (did we mention the 'Live' grand piano voice)?

With an onboard sampler (9.6 second duration), the extended 76-note keyboard feels solid and responsive and, with USB and a memorystick socket, performances are recorded and saved as SMF (Standard MIDI Files)' files or digiatl WAV files WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo). This in itself is reason enough for those in education to consider the PSREW410, as it now means that students own compositions (using the onboard 6-track sequencer) can be stored and recalled quickly and easily, or streamed to a PCs and other devices where 'digital files can be created and stored.

The sequencer (recorder) allows for 6-tracks of recording with a total memory capacity of 19,000 notes shared between 10 song locations as 'original format' before opting to convert to SMF (Standard MIDI File format). Your songs are stored to internal flash memory before opting to back them up to memorystick. 

Of course, as you would expect from a Yamaha keyboard, the PSREW410 provides a healthy collection of musical 'styles' (backing tracks), which can be controlled with the left hand via advanced 'fingered chords' or 'single-finger' chords for those who are just starting to learn to play. Again, Yamaha have sourced these styles from around the world, and each of the 235 styles provided by the PSREW410 are extremely authentic with up to the minute dance/trance anthems to Rock, Pop, Dance, Latin, Swing, Ballad etc. 

Onboard digital effects (including DSP and EQ settings) allow for overall control of the sound which is played via stereo (bass reflex) 12-watt speakers, and of course a headphone socket is standard for those who need to practice in silence. A stereo line-input is featured for connection of your i-Pod, i-Pad, CD-player and other sources, allowing you to play along with your favourite bands, whilst a melody suppressor even 'mutes' the vocal track so that you can select a sound and play over the top! Stereo line outputs are also onbaord, should you wish to connect to an external amplifier or PA system.

For those who wish to be ultra creative and experiment with sounds, the PSREW410 has a basic synthesiser (in the form of two control knobs) which allows both sounds and styles to be manipulated in a variety of ways. Sound filtering, resonance, effects and envelope parameters are avialable to control in realtime, but if you are recording using the sequencer, any changes made to your current sound is recorded and played straight back. An arpeggiator is onboard too (150 types) for some serious inspiration.

As required by several examination boards, the PSREW410 features 32 'registration memories' too which takes a 'snapshot' of your own personal setups for instant recall as you play, and a pitchbend wheel (for simulating guitar string slides for example) is also also provided. A pitchbend wheel is also onboard for added authentic expression.

Supplied with a mains adaptor, the PSREW410 is a significant model, and ideal for Colleges and Universities who may be looking to upgrade or setup a new Music Department.

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Brief Specs

76 touch sensitive keys, Pitch bend wheel, 2 x synth and effects control knobs , 92mm x 42mm LCD screen with backlight , AWM Stereo Sampling sound engine , 32 note polyphony , 755 instrument voices including 462 XGlite sounds for recording and 23 drum/SFX kits, 9 types of reverb , 4 types of chorus , 5 types of master EQ , 26 types of harmony , 3 types of ultra wide stereo , Dual/layer setting to mix 2 sounds together , Split keyboard mode , 150 types of arpeggio , 200 preset rhythm accompaniment styles , Multifingering chord changing , Custom user styles , Music database with 305 song titles , One touch setting chooses an appropriate instrument voice for each style , 30 preset songs with 70 extra to download , 10 song, 6 track sequencer (5 melody + 1 style/pattern) , Approx. 19,000 notes/10 songs data capacity when only "melody" tracks are recorded , Approx. 5,500 chords/10 songs data capacity when only "chord" tracks are recorded , 4 registration memory buttons with 8 banks , Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S.) lesson facility with Listening, Timing, Waiting, Repeat & Learn, Chord dictionary modes , Metronome with 11-280bpm , Transpose from -12 to 0, 0 to +12 , Master tuning adjustment from 427.0 - 440.0 - 453.0 Hz , 1 x 6.25mm headphone socket , Aux in port with centre cancel and crossfade functions , Sustain pedal socket , USB to device port , USB to host port , 2 x 12 watt amplifiers , Assignable Live Control knobs, Quick Sampling, Groove Creator, USB Audio Recorder

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 8.40 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 118 x 13.8 x 41.2 cm