Brass Instruments

Brass Instruments

We've divided the brass instruments into Smaller Brass (trumpets, cornets and flugels) and Background Brass (the rest!). Within these sections, we include a steadily expanding range of stands, maintenance materials and other accessories for these instruments.

**Schools: Download our free 2018 'Starland Online' catalogue HERE, for use in conjunction with our website.

  • Smaller Brass

    Smaller Brass
    A range of supeb brass instruments ideal for students, from the worlds leading manufacturers. Educational discounts apply to schools!
  • The new P-Brass

    The new P-Brass
    A new collection of brass instruments which are NOT in fact, made from brass!
  • Background Brass

    Background Brass
    A range of 'background' brass instruments from the world's leading manufacturers, with educational pricing available for school orders!