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Most of our range is made of sheet bronze, which consists of copper and tin being forged together. Sheet cymbals are shaped, hammered and lathed by the cymbal maker and their sound is of a higher pitch, and a faster decay than cast bronze cymbals - they produce a more consistent sound from cymbal to cymbal. 

The Starland Music Advisory team can make recommendations when adding a new cymbal to a kit, or choosing a replacement set.

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  • Cymbal Packs

    Cymbal Packs
    This gallery spans the entire range from low-budget to high quality cymbals sets which brighten up the sound of the entire kit.
  • Cymbal Stands

    Cymbal Stands
    A range of stands dedicated to cymbals, from straight designs to booms and catering for all budgets!
  • Cymbals - China

    Cymbals - China
    A super range of China cymbals to add to your existing drum kit - great for effects!
  • Cymbals - Crash

    Cymbals - Crash
    A range of stunning crash cymbals which make for an ideal addition to your existing drum kit
  • Cymbals - HiHats

    Cymbals - HiHats
    A range of hi-hats for any drum kit, with special educational pricing available for schools!
  • Cymbals - Ride

    Cymbals - Ride
    A range of ride cymbals for any drum kit from the top manufacturers including Sabian, Paiste and Zildjian.
  • Cymbals - Splash

    Cymbals - Splash
    A superb range of splash cymbals from the world's top manufacturers including Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian!