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Another of our 'Starland Solutions', this gallery contains a wide array of tuned percussion suited to our educational customers, with tried and tested models selected for use in a busy school environment.The packs are based on quantities, and therefore incorporate educational discounts.

To see the full range of percussion instruments, head to our Percussion section  - Teachers can sign in to their Starland Music account (or create one!) to view special education prices!

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  • Djembe Solutions

    Djembe Solutions
    Designed to give an idea of the possibilities across a range of budgets, this gallery is full of EXAMPLES of our solutions. Invariably, your needs will be similar, but not identical to one of these, so do ask us to create a dedicated quotation for you.
  • Class percussion Packs

    Class percussion Packs
    Save a LOT of time, and money too, by selecting one of these extraordinary packs. If you have specific requirements, there are 800+ options in the Percussion Instrument section on the panel to the left!
  • Samba Solutions

    Samba Solutions
    Please remember - we're here to HELP, as a samba project could introduce you to a whole new language! In this gallery you'll find the most popular class packs with all their compatible accessories. We await your call…!
  • Tuned Percussion

    Tuned Percussion
    This gallery concentrates on primary school needs, with some EXAMPLES of keenly-priced multipacks of the most popular models. We're able to help over the phone or by email with alternative numbers for your needs.
  • World Percussion

    World Percussion
    We've specialised in some unusual World Music packs for some years, and here are a few examples of differing approaches to steel pans, and the traditional approach to Gamelan.