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Here is a wonderful selection of instruments which are all members of the Flute Family, as they're all related in design - a design that is thousands of years old!  Browse through our galleries of fifes, piccolos and different orchestral flutes for students or intermediate players – and don’t forget to visit our gallery of flute accessories, for stands, cases, and cleaning materials for your flute.

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  • Flutes - Student

    Flutes - Student
    Our range of student flutes includes some with additional curved heads for young beginners, and a superb range of outfits for older students and adults.
  • Flutes - Intermediate

    Flutes - Intermediate
    If you are considering a model a student could use not just through the initial Grades 1-5, but also be good enough to progress through the higher grades, then this is gallery to visit.
  • Piccolos

    A range of piccolos specially selected for use in education. Models from the top manufacturers!
  • Fifes

    A small range of fifes: a super instrument for those wanting to progress on to the flute or piccolo!
  • Flute Accessories

    Flute Accessories
    Stands and cleaning materials from Yamaha, Helin, K&M and Hercules - the quality brands for great value and reliability.
  • Ocarinas

    A selection of ocarinas, suitable for young students, together with a range of educational resources for student and teacher!
  • Didgeridoos

    A selection of didgeridoos, with authentic sound, beautiful hand-painted bamboo bodies, and great fun!
  • Flageolets - Tin Whistles

    Flageolets - Tin Whistles
    A small selection of popular Flageolets (Tin Whistle/Penny Whistle) - great value and super fun!