Keyboard Accessories

Keyboard Accessories

Rather than just offer the bare minimum, here you'll find a great choice of accessories for your keyboard, from pedals to gigbags and cases, stands, headphones and much more!


We've chosen the better quality options for your prized keyboard, digital piano or synth from top manufacturers, with special educational pricing available to schools.

  • Headphones & Splitters

    Headphones & Splitters
    A wide choice of educational headphones through to pro models with increased frequency range, plus splitters and listening stations!
  • Keyboard Stands

    Keyboard Stands
    The differing dimensions of keyboards means that the most suitable stands will differ too, and our "We Think" advice should help here.
  • Cables, connectors and MIDI leads

    Cables, connectors and MIDI leads
    Our range of essential leads and connectors for classroom, home or studio.
  • Pedals & Pads

    Pedals & Pads
    Some keyboard instruments don't possess the sockets for ANY pedals, and others have a confusing number of them - we can help to explain.
  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies
    A range of power supply units (variously called "mains adaptors" or "PSUs" or even "wall-warts") for the top manufacturers’ keyboards, digital pianos and synthesizers.
  • Stools & Benches

    Stools & Benches
    Adjustable height keyboard benches which can be folded away, or solid stylish pieces of furniture for pianos - there's quite a range here.
  • Cases & Covers

    Cases & Covers
    A super range of padded and budget models for your keyboard, synth or digital piano
  • Keyboard Combo Amps

    Keyboard Combo Amps
    A range of amplifiers specifically designed for the full range of frequencies that keyboards, synths and stage pianos are capable of producing