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This is a steadily expanding section, with our selection of accessories for guitar players, and combo amps for both guitarists and bass players. Strings, straps, picks and tuners and much more besides, we keep stocks available and discounts apply to educational customers as usual.

Click on an image below to expand the range, and please feel free to ring us for advice and availability on 01752 313300.

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  • Combos for Electric Guitars

    Combos for Electric Guitars
    From 10-watt practice amps, to 100-watt performance combos with computer-modelled effects, these combo amps are designed for beginners and intermediate players.
  • Bass Combos

    Bass Combos
    A selection of great bass guitar amps from practice models to more advanced designs which can feature limiters and compression for a more punchy sound!
  • Guitar Strings

    Guitar Strings
    A range of guitar strings for guitars, ukes, mandolins & banjos, including the most popular brands and sizes used by beginners and intermediate players.
  • Guitar Stands & Hangers

    Guitar Stands & Hangers
    This includes wall hangers, individual stands for guitars and basses, and a range of multi-instrument racks in different designs.
  • Picks, Capos, Straps & More

    Picks, Capos, Straps & More
    Here you should find everything else! Picks, capos, straps , footstools and so on.
  • Guitar Bags & Cases

    Guitar Bags & Cases
    A range of different quality guitar bags, from simple covers through to padded Gigbags. Schools and Music Services are welcome to contact us for a quotation by Email if quantities are required.
  • Guitar Hard Cases

    Guitar Hard Cases
    A range of rigid cases for guitars, offering better protection than soft cases. Suited to most popular guitar types and shapes.
  • Guitar tuners

    Guitar tuners
    This range kicks off with simple pitch pipes, progresses through small clip-on tuners, and on to sophisticated electronic devices, some of which include metronome functions.
  • Guitar Effects Processors

    Guitar Effects Processors
    A good selection of multi-guitar effects processors and pedal effects from leading manufacturers.
  • Guitar Leads

    Guitar Leads
    Standard jack-jack leads, including budget versions and pro versions, in different lengths to suit your needs. For education buyers, there are also some multi-pack deals here too.