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One of our perennials: our range of recorders gives breadth of choice, and our bulk purchasing enables us to keep prices down.
Descant recorders are known elsewhere in the world as Soprano Recorders, and Treble recorders are referred to as Alto Recorders in most other countries.

For even better value, take a look at our 'Starland Solutions' classroom packages HERE, which cater for class sizes of up to 100 student players!

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Education Prices
  • Descant Recorders

    Descant Recorders
    A superb range of school descant recorders (also known as soprano recorders) - keen prices on Aulos, Yamaha and Recorder Workshop models, and some multi-packs for the budget-conscious.
  • Treble Recorders

    Treble Recorders
    All the main contenders are here - these are the treble (or alto) models pitched in F: a little deeper than the descant.
  • Tenor Recorders

    Tenor Recorders
    The tenor models are deeper in tone and heavier to hold, but they are pitched in "C" just like the descant models.
  • Bass Recorders

    Bass Recorders
    Excellent quality bass recorders, usually for intermediate players, which include models with a "crook" or a "curved beak".
  • Sopranino Recorders

    Sopranino Recorders
    The rarely-used sopranino is pitched in F, higher than the descant model, and we show some alternative brands and models in this gallery.
  • Recorder Consort Packs

    Recorder Consort Packs
    This gallery contains a handful of suggested packages to create a recorder consort. These are simply examples, and Starland's Music Advisors can apply the special discounts to your particular needs.
  • Recorder Tutor Books

    Recorder Tutor Books
    A wide range of tutor books and songbooks for recorders, with Teacher's interactive resources and more!
  • Songbooks for Recorders

    Songbooks for Recorders
    A varied range of books suitable for students and teachers alike, with well-known titles for descant, treble and tenor recorder players!