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Regularly revised, our clarinet section now includes several separate galleries of instruments, enabling easy comparison between similar models from different leading manufacturers including Yamaha, Jupiter and others.
Have a look at our gallery of Clarinet Accessories which contains a wealth of stands, cases, reeds, ligatures and other maintenance materials.

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  • Clarinets - Bb Student

    Clarinets - Bb Student
    Student clarinet outfits in the traditional style, all made from modern "ebonite" or ABS compounds, and all pitched in Bb.
  • Clarinets - C Models

    Clarinets - C Models
    Under review, this gallery is being updated during Summer 2016 with new models and designs.
  • Clarinets - Intermediate

    Clarinets - Intermediate
    A gallery of wooden intermediate models to take the student through the grades, together with the most popular models for the advancing student.
  • Clarinets - Harmony & Bass Models

    Clarinets - Harmony & Bass Models
    A selection of bass clarinets, Eb and alto models which are special order items. Please contact the team for more information.
  • Clarinet Accessories

    Clarinet Accessories
    A wide selection of reeds, caps, ligatures and general cleaning materials for your prized clarinet!