Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind Instruments

Whether for the school orchestra, an individual student or semi-pro player, we have supplied a wide range of instruments from the woodwind families for many years, together with a very extensive range of recorders to fit all budgets. Famous names include Aulos, Yamaha and Recorder Workshop, with discounts on classroom sets!

**Schools: Download our free 2018 'Starland Online' catalogue HERE, for use in conjunction with our website.

  • Recorders

    Best selection and special educational prices for popular Aulos, Recorder Workshop and Yamaha descant, treble & bass recorders!
  • Flute family

    Flute family
    A wonderful range of student flutes from beginner to intermediate models, all selected from leading manufacturers!
  • Clarinets

    An extensive range of clarinets for beginners and intermediate players with advice to assist your selection.
  • Double Reeds

    Double Reeds
    A range of double-reed instruments from the bassoon to the oboe, with special discounts available for our educational customers.
  • Saxophones

    A wonderful array of quality saxophones from the world's leading manufacturers - special pricing available to schools.