Percussion Instruments

Percussion Instruments

Sourced from all four corners (!), here is an extensive range of percussion instruments, including ethnic and tuned percussion, bongos, congas, samba drums etc.


Primary school teachers will find all the instruments suitable for Keystage 1 & 2 classrooms, but there are also plenty of semi-pro instruments too.


  • Pre-School & Primary Percussion

    Pre-School & Primary Percussion
    Explore Starland's wide range of lovely percussion packages for young students with special needs - ask us for a quotation if you are a school, as educational prices apply!
  • Tuned Percussion

    Tuned Percussion
    These are just the CLASSROOM versions of glocks, xylos, chime bars, metallos, boomwhackers and all the mallets and beaters too. See our CONCERT gallery for more.
  • Concert Percussion

    Concert Percussion
    Here we have all the orchestral tuned percussion, including timps, vibes, marimbas, concert xylos, and all the strange orchestral percussive effects!
  • African Traditions

    African Traditions
    Djembes of all shapes and sizes, and special classroom packs too - but Starland Music also have doum-doums, talking drums and ethnic African hand percussion.
  • Eastern Traditions

    Eastern Traditions
    Doumbeks, Dhols, Tabla, all sorts of bells, finger cymbals, singing bowls and gongs all originating from the Far East and Indian subcontinent.
  • European Traditions

    European Traditions
    Here we've put percussion instruments (loosely) originating from Europe including tambourines, castanets, triangles and cowbells.
  • Latin & AfroCuban

    Latin & AfroCuban
    Bongos, congas, timbales, cajones, maracas, guiros and shakers, together with a large section of Jumbie Jams and full-size steel pans.
  • Latin - Just Samba

    Latin - Just Samba
    A superb range of Brazilian Samba drums and accessories, and Starland's value-for-money packages cater for the smallest of budgets, or offer complete classroom solutions.
  • Gamelan & Indonesian

    Gamelan & Indonesian
    Gamelan packages and resources can be found here, but we plan additional packages and further accessories soon. Call us for info in the meantime!
  • Books for Percussion Teachers

    Books for Percussion Teachers
    A super range of resources for music teachers, to help organise class teaching whilst inspiring students