Keyboard Solutions

Starland Music Ltd

A range of electronic keyboard packages devised for our educational customers, featuring models which are suitable for young beginners’ models through to more advanced keyboards that can also be linked to computers!

These packs are based on quantities, and therefore incorporate educational discounts. To see the full range of models, specs, videos and accessories, go to our Keyboards Section

  • Start Keyboard Packs

    Start Keyboard Packs
    These packs of keyboards, with their compatible accessories, are specifically for complete beginners, as they feature NON-SENSITIVE keyboards, yet have the quality accessories which are robust enough for daily use.!
  • Progress Keyboard Packs

    Progress Keyboard Packs
    Typically for KS3 level year groups in secondary schools (ages 11+), these "Progressive Keyboards" are sensitive models with hi specs, and the packs here have tried-and-tested compatible accessories.