Eastern Traditions

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This is a steadily-expanding range of instruments from all over the Middle and Far East, and the Indian subcontinent. Although these instruments traditionally emanated from these regions, many are used throughout the world in modern percussion groups as well as in traditional folk music gatherings. 

As well as a range of gongs, bells, wind chimes and singing bowls, you'll find drums such as the Doumbek, Mandaal, Dholak and Tabla in this section, together with slit drums and woodblocks in all shapes and sizes.

  • Indian and Asian Instruments

    Indian and Asian Instruments
    Dholaks, Dhols, Tabla, Chameli and doumbeks are amongst this colourful range of Asian drums.
  • Japanese Taiko

    Japanese Taiko
    The word "Taiko" is Japanese for drum, so here we show different styles of Taiko from this ancient tradition of drumming. Beautiful designs, the Taiko dates back as far as the 6th century, and were thought to have been used for religious and military ceremonies, as well as theatrical accompaniment.
  • Asian Drums

    Asian Drums
    A selection of beautiful, traditional drums and percussion from Asia, these will certainly add some spice to your drum circles!
  • Bells

    Wrist bells, jingle bells and handled jingles at low prices for use by primary-age kids.
  • Blocks

    Here we have gathered several wooden percussion instruments, including wooden agogos, octachimes, tulip blocks and more.
  • Gongs & Eastern Bells

    Gongs & Eastern Bells
    A range of Far Eastern singing bowls, gongs, bells and more!
  • Slit Drums

    Slit Drums
    Slit drums are occasionally called Gato drums, and their different sizes and shapes generate quite different tones. Another type of percussive instrument that probably originated independently in at least two continents