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Here you'll find our range of French Horns, Euphoniums, Tubas, Baritone and Tenor Horns. We've also included an excellent selection of Trombones.

This section is continually being revised and expanded, and there are other models which haven't yet been reviewed, so do call us for more information on 01752 313300.

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  • Trombones

    A range of trombones suited to students, all selected from the worlds leading manufacturers! Special pricing available to school customers!
  • Tenor Horns

    Tenor Horns
    Some excellent-value models selected for education establishments for use in brass bands.
  • Baritone Horns

    Baritone Horns
    A range of the larger tenor horns, all selected from the world's top manufacturers (with educational pricing available for schools and students!)
  • French Horn - Single

    French Horn - Single
    This gallery includes single horns pitched in the key of F, together with similar models pitched in Bb.
  • French Horn - Double

    French Horn - Double
    Student and intermediate models in our range of double French horns, some using the compensating system.
  • Euphoniums

    A range of educational euphoniums suited to music students, from some of the world's top manufacturers.
  • Tubas

    A lovely range of student tubas with educational pricing available for official school orders!
  • Brass (L) Accessories

    Brass (L) Accessories
    A range of essential accessories for your brass instrument!