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One of our specialities is finding good quality drums and percussion for our many customers who run successful African drumming classes. Most popular is our selection of ‘Djembe Drums’, which now has three separate galleries  (below) catering for all ages and budgets. Our "Djembe - budget range" is the ideal place to source real drums for primary school classes.  

'Senior -sized Djembes' and other African Drums can also be seen below, whilst traditional Calabash shakers, seed shakers, thunder shakers and cowbells are grouped together under African Handheld Percussion & Books.

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Education Prices
  • Djembe - budget range

    Djembe - budget range
    Individual African-style djembe drums suitable for primary school classes, together with some great value djembe packs from Starland.
  • Djembes - Senior sizes

    Djembes - Senior sizes
    These are the medium, large and extra-large African-style djembes with some great-value packages for secondary schools.
  • Synthetic Djembes

    Synthetic Djembes
    Lightweight, colourful, smooth finishes, these are the synthetic versions of the real wood djembes in the previous two galleries.
  • Other African drums

    Other African drums
    Complement an African djembe drum circle by adding the bass drum (doum doum) or talking drum - the Advisory team can guide you on the best plan for primary, secondary or adult classes.
  • African Percussion & Books

    African Percussion & Books
    A superb range of hand-held African percussion, designed to complement the larger drums (Djembe, Djun Djun, etc.), plus a range of educational tutor books too!