Tuned Percussion

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A fantastic selection of tuned percussion instruments to suit all price brackets - from kids' first musical toys to the solid classroom glocks and xylos in constant use.

We've now moved our orchestral tuned percussion to the next gallery called 'Concert Percussion', which is where you'll see our ranges of xylos, vibes, marimbas and timpani suitable for concert bands and orchestras.

As always, music teachers can sign-in to their Starland account (or create one) HERE to see special 'education only' prices!

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  • Chime Bars

    Chime Bars
    From simple sets of individual chime bars for 8, 25 or 32 children, plus suitable beaters, to chime bar ladders for teaching all about pitch.
  • Musical Bells

    Musical Bells
    Our highly popular combi-bells which can either be shaken, or used on a table and tapped.
  • Hand Chimes

    Hand Chimes
    Explore that wide range of hand chimes, selected by Starland Music to be suitable for older children or adult usage.
  • Glockenspiels

    Explore our range of glockenspiel models from the top manufacturers, ideal for schools! Starland Music Ltd is the most popular site for student musicians and music teachers.
  • Wak-a-Tubes

    An active, fun, bright and colourful way of making music. Boomwhacker accessories are included here too!
  • Metallophones

    Diatonic metallophones and their "Chromatic Half" attachments are shown here - pelase call us if you are unsure!
  • Xylophones

    All of our most popular classroom xylophones are shown here, with concerts models, beaters and mallets in separate galleries.
  • Beaters & Mallets

    Beaters & Mallets
    A huge range of beaters, mallets and sticks!
  • Music Books For Handbells

    Music Books For Handbells
    A wonderful array of books for handbells, ideal for bell groups and a classroom of bell ringers!