Latin & AfroCuban

Starland Music Ltd

Here we have our large selection of Latin American instruments, some originating from Afro-Cuban traditions.  You'll find galleries of Bongos, Congas, Timbales, Afuches and Samba and assorted hand percussion instruments, and we're happy to advise you on packages to fit a particular need or budget. See our expanding section on Steel Drums for the whole range of Jumbie Jams as well as full-sized steel pans.

  • Afuches

    A range of Afuche (or Cabasa) shakers suitable for use in school music.
  • Bongos

    A staggering range of bongos and cajons, all suitable for use in music education!
  • Claves

    Claves made from different woods, and all suitable for music education!
  • Congas

    Our conga section features instruments from a selection of different manufacturers which are of excellent quality and ideal for both school and professional use. Stands are also shown here.
  • Cajons

    Growing steadily in popularity, the cajon is a box, made from carefully-selected woods with good tonal resonance, usually with a snare-type attachment to one side.
  • Guiros

    Guiros can take many shapes and forms, and we include here a hugely varied selection of instruments that love to be scraped.
  • Maracas

    A selection of traditional maracas, with some maracitos for small hands, and some highly colourful plastic versions.
  • S.American Shakers

    S.American Shakers
    Quite a diverse gallery, as this includes various egg shakers, some bamboo or cactus -style rainsticks and other metal shakers.
  • Steel Drums & Minipans

    Steel Drums & Minipans
    This contains the latest range of Jumbie Jams, the popular minipans, together with full-sized steel pans.
  • Timbales & Rotodrums

    Timbales & Rotodrums
    A wide range of timbales and rotodrums suitable for use in schools!