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As our range keeps expanding, we've split the samba instruments off from the rest of the South American and Afro-Cuban instruments, although of course there's lots of overlap between the cultures.

Our Samba range features complete classroom packages (great value), as well as individual Surdo, Repenique and Caixa drums, together with a host of accessories (straps, slings, beaters and hand percussion).

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  • Samba Packages

    Samba Packages
    Take advantage of the recommendations of the Starland Advisory team for different sized Samba bands, with the matching accessories that you will need.
  • Samba Bits and Books

    Samba Bits and Books
    Without the beaters, shakers, straps, tambourims and whistles you don't have a band - here are all the bits (and books) you may need.
  • Tambourims and Pandeiros

    Tambourims and Pandeiros
    A range of hand drums for use with Samba bands, including Tambourims and Pandeiros!
  • Surdo Drums and Timba

    Surdo Drums and Timba
    These surdos, timbas and bass drums are the large drums in a Samba band - all individual drums in different sizes.
  • Samba Snares & Side Drums

    Samba Snares & Side Drums
    Here we have the repeniques and the smaller snare-style drums called caixa and malacacheta. Call us if you need help, and don't worry if your Brazilian Portuguese is not perfect!