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One of the most popular woodwind instruments, the sax is a beautiful instrument to own and enjoy. Our range includes the most popular members of the family, and our team can advise you on the most suitable instrument for your tastes and budget!

Our galleries should allow you to easily compare similar models from different manufacturers, and we also have a new range of Sax Accessories in their own gallery.

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  • Alto Saxophones

    Alto Saxophones
    A selection of student alto saxes, in a wide range of prices, together with some intermediate models for advancing students. Call us for guidance.
  • Tenor Saxophones

    Tenor Saxophones
    From the student outfits to the glorious intermediate and pro models, our range of tenor saxes includes the best chosen for schools, colleges and keen amateurs.
  • Baritone Saxophones

    Baritone Saxophones
    A range of baritone saxes from leading suppliers around the world - discounts for educational customers available!
  • Soprano Saxophones

    Soprano Saxophones
    A revised range of soprano saxes, including both curved and straight models.
  • Sax Accessories

    Sax Accessories
    A range of reeds, ligatures, cases, caps, etc., as well as general cleaning materials for all the saxophone family.