Music Software & Hardware

Music Software & Hardware

Below are special educational versions of famous named packages (Sibelius, Cubase, Mixcraft and more), which are available for schools, colleges and Universities.

Interfaces and cables are also shown, whilst we have expanded our 'cloud' music software range with the latest Focus On Sound, Musition and Auralia programmes.

  • Cloud Music Software

    Cloud Music Software
    Focus On Sound music software which is a new 'cloud based' student resource and delivers a revolutionary way of KS3 music education - ring us for details on (01752) 313300
  • Education Software

    Education Software
    At Starland Music, we have the latest versions of tried-and-tested educational programs from Rising Software, Focus on Sound and others.
  • Score Editors

    Score Editors
    A full range of engraving software (notation software) for schools and colleges from industry leaders Sibelius and Steinberg's Dorico..
  • Sequencers & Pro Software

    Sequencers & Pro Software
    The leading software houses all offer different routes to digital recording. See the latest Cubase, Reason, Ableton, Mixcraft and Band in a Box programs here, specially selected for educational use with discounts available!
  • Interfaces & Cables

    Interfaces & Cables
    A range of audio & MIDI interfaces and cables for linking your MIDI or USB keyboard to PC or MAC computers, as well as recording audio in to your computer. All available at special prices for our educational customers!