Headphones & Splitters

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For more than 30 years, we have supplied thousands of headphones to busy classrooms all over the world - BELOW are the best value and most reliable available today, from robust educational models through to studio-grade designs.

Don't forget the essential 'splitter leads' too, which allow students to share a keyboard or PC sound source. We have a separate gallery for these BELOW, containing all plug sizes and lead lengths.

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Best Value
Education Prices
  • Educational Headphones

    Educational Headphones
    A wide range of educational headphones and splitter accessories with educational prices to match!
  • Studio headphones

    Studio headphones
    A superb range of studio quality headphones from top manufacturers, ideal for composition work, or silent practice on a digital piano.
  • Headphone Splitters

    Headphone Splitters
    You’ll find here some 'splitter' leads and listening stations, ideal for school Music Departments, as two or more students can each hear a stereo signal.