Drum Kits & Drums

Drum Kits & Drums

This is a very extensive range of acoustic drum kits, cymbals and hardware from world famous manufacturers such as Pearl, Yamaha, Mapex, Zildjian, Sabian, to name a few!

In our galleries of digital drum equipment, you'll find complete kits, hardware for digital drums, electronic drum units and controller pads.

**Schools: Download our free 2018 'Starland Online' catalogue HERE, for use in conjunction with our website.

  • Drum Kits

    Drum Kits
    Several different sections here, with separate galleries for student kits, semi-pro kits, digital drum kits and amplification for digital equipment.
  • Cymbals & Hi-Hats

    Cymbals & Hi-Hats
    Our range of Zildjian, Stagg, Paiste and Sabian cymbals with special educational pricing for schools !!
  • Snare Drums

    Snare Drums
    A range snare drums, from marching, to orchestral types, sourced from world famous suppliers!
  • Drummer's Accessories

    Drummer's Accessories
    A few of the most commonly requested accessories like drum keys, clutches, clamps, felts and stick bags
  • Marching Drums

    Marching Drums
    Designed to be lightweight and more compact than their counterparts, this range of marching drums is ideal for the school band