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Here you will find a tremendous selection of the most popular hardware and accessories for drum kits.  With cases, drum stools and drum heads all featured here, there are plenty of ideas for maintaining and expanding an existing kit.

Top brands include Remo, Vic Firth, Pearl and more - give us a call if you can't find what you are after!

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  • Drum Hardware & Stands

    Drum Hardware & Stands
    A selection of snare, cymbal and boom stands suitable for education budgets, plus branded semi-pro versions as well.
  • Drum Accessories

    Drum Accessories
    A few of the most commonly requested accessories like drum keys, clutches, clamps, felts and stick bags.
  • Drum Heads

    Drum Heads
    A range of drum skins (heads) from Remo for all sizes of acoustic drum kits!
  • Drum Pedals

    Drum Pedals
    A range of drum pedals from the top manufacturers including Pearl, Yamaha and Gibraltar.
  • Drum Sticks and Brushes

    Drum Sticks and Brushes
    A range of drum sticks covering all weights, together with brushes and bags
  • Drum Pads

    Drum Pads
    A selection of practice drum pads, together with some sets of silencer pads for acoustic kits.
  • Drum Stools

    Drum Stools
    A range of drum thrones for any acoustic (or electric) drummer!
  • Drum Bags

    Drum Bags
    Under Review - Summer 2016 - please call for latest information and your requirements!