Starland Solutions

Starland Solutions

Starland Solutions save time and money for the busy Music Teacher! 

Here we show examples of our classroom package deals, which include the accessories vital to ensure successful lessons. There are Starland Solutions for guitars, ukuleles, recorders, keyboards, music stands, percussion packs and more.


Great value for schools and music services!

  • Keyboard Solutions

    Keyboard Solutions
    Some examples of the packs of keyboards with compatible accessories which we regularly supply for classroom use. JUST EXAMPLES, so please ask us to modify one for your specific needs.
  • Headphones & Accessories

    Headphones & Accessories
    Essential headphones and accessories for a busy classroom! Here are budget-saving packs of the high quality robust headphones, splitter leads and more, with discounts available to our school customers.
  • Percussion Solutions

    Percussion Solutions
    Packs of classroom percussion, djembe drums, samba drums and tuned percussion selected from our massive range of 800+ percussion instruments. Save time and money with these packs.
  • Recorder & Ocarina Solutions

    Recorder & Ocarina Solutions
    A wonderful range of special 'Starland Solutions' student recorder packages, designed to meet all budgets and educational requirements!
  • Music Stand Solutions

    Music Stand Solutions
    A few multi-pack special offers for quantities of music stands for choirs, orchestras and classrooms - all can be modified to fit your precise needs, but may be perfect.
  • String Solutions

    String Solutions
    Some of the most popular packs of ukuleles and guitars, together with ideal electric and bass guitars "outfits" for beginners.
  • Performing Solutions

    Performing Solutions
    A range of great value PA and microphone packs, these 'Starland Solutions' have been carefully designed for maximum quality and minimum pricing!
  • Digital Piano Solutions

    Digital Piano Solutions
    Portable pianos need compatible accessories - hence our Solutions shown here. Similar discount packs can be created by our Advisory team to fit your needs.
  • Brass and Woodwind Solutions

    Brass and Woodwind Solutions
    Carefully conceived by our experts, we show here quantity packs of student models based on various brass and woodwind instruments from famous names.
  • Music Tech Solutions

    Music Tech Solutions
    Exciting combinations of USB keyboard controllers, supplied with our recommended choice of software, these student packs are excellent value for schools!