Amplification Systems

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Here the selection is immense, and you may want to speak to one of our experts for advice, as for a complete system you will have to add speakers, cables and perhaps stands to your choice of power amps and mixer amps.

Ring us with your requirements, and we can then Email you a provisional quotation for you to discuss with colleagues.

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  • PA Packages

    PA Packages
    All-in-one packages, designed to provide the mixer, effects unit, amplifier and speaker system all together with minimal need to connect cables between them.
  • PA Powered Mixers

    PA Powered Mixers
    Often the favourite choice for a PA system for a small venue, like a school stage or village hall. We can provide a quotation with compatible microphones, cables, etc.
  • Combo Amps

    Combo Amps
    A range of small combo amplifiers suited to keyboards, stage pianos and synth performances on stage - guitar combos are in the Stringed Instrument section.
  • Powered Monitors

    Powered Monitors
    A small project studio or school recording is only going to sound good through reasonable monitors.
  • PA Speakers

    PA Speakers
    A wide range of PA speakers and monitors suitable for school and Church installations.
  • Speaker Cables

    Speaker Cables
    Our range of speaker cables and looms (snakes) of various lengths and qualities.
  • Speaker Stands

    Speaker Stands
    A range of strong and sturdy professional speaker cabinet stands.