String Solutions

Starland Music Ltd

Our specially-devised stringed instruments range for educational customers, which covers classical guitar through to orchestral strings, and each takes into account quantities which may be required for a busy classroom environment.

Below we just show the packages based upon quantities for classrooms, but if you would like to select a single instrument, you may prefer to see to range in our Guitar Section,  Ukulele Section, or Orchestral sections.

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  • Start Guitar Packs

    Start Guitar Packs
    Just a handful of the classical, electric and bass guitar packs which form part of our 'Starland Solutions' series.
  • Start Ukulele Packs

    Start Ukulele Packs
    Our 'Starland Solutions' range of ukuleles for schools based on quantities for our educational customers. These are JUST EXAMPLES, and we frequently modify them to fit your precise needs.
  • Start Orchestral Packs

    Start Orchestral Packs
    Another of our Starland Solution packs, this range of classroom instruments below form our value for money 'Start Orchestral Strings' packages, designed to save teachers time and help stretch your precious budget!