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By "Education Software" we mean programs which help to teach different elements of music, or provide a pathway to deeper understanding of the language and structure of music.  All programs shown here do this, and Focus on Sound also prepares students in composition and orchestration.

This section is in marked contrast to the education versions of the sequencing and score software, which are shown in different sections.

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  • Focus on Sound

    Focus on Sound
    Best value music education program, which can be rolled out in stages to all year groups.
  • Auralia

    Acclaimed ear training software program for PC and Mac based systems, available at special prices for school customers. Ring us for details on (01752) 313300.
  • Musition

    Musition 5, a superb resource for your music students, with special pricing available for educational customers. Ring us for details on (01752) 313300.
  • Music Ace

    Music Ace
    One of the few well-tested programs that doesn't require a MIDI keyboard, making it suitable for use in school IT labs.