Cables, connectors and MIDI leads

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Whether connecting a keyboard to a Hi-Fi, combo amp, or PA system, this selection of cables and connectors will make the necessary link. The galleries below include the most popular types of leads, shown individually with descriptions and larger pictures - and there are even some here which are normally very hard to find!


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  • Jack-Jack audio cables

    Jack-Jack audio cables
    All "Standard Jack" (or 6.35mm or quarter-inch jack) leads at differing lengths, qualities and quantities, both mono and stereo.
  • Microphone Leads

    Microphone Leads
    A selection of good mic cables for connecting your microphone to a mixing desk or amplifier. XLR and jack types both available.
  • Audio Cables

    Audio Cables
    A selection of cables to connect up hi-fi units, hand-held recorders and other mini-jack plug applications.
  • Cable Connectors

    Cable Connectors
    A range of handy cable connectors and adaptors used to connect different leads to audio equipment!