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This section includes a wide range of drum kits and digital drums from top manufacturers such as Mapex, Yamaha, Pearl, Roland and Alesis.  See our advice above each of the "galleries" or give our advisory team a call on 01752 313300.

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  • Student Drum kits

    Student Drum kits
    Regularly updated, this gallery shows the complete drum kits we recommend for the first stages of learning - our "We Think" description shows prices including hardware and cymbals - all ready to start playing.
  • Semi-Pro Drums

    Semi-Pro Drums
    For advancing drummers, most of the kits here are just "shell-packs" with hardware, as you may now have a favourite set of cymbals. You can then mix and match to create a superb semi-pro outfit.
  • Digital drum kits

    Digital drum kits
    Growing in popularity as the digital versions get better and better, and the more sophisticated features can be found at much more affordable prices.
  • Digital Drum Amplification

    Digital Drum Amplification
    Digital drums should NOT be played through guitar combos, as the thump of the bass drum and the sizzle of the cymbal is lost - you really need a dedicated amp which is designed to deal with this frequency range.
  • Rhythm Units

    Rhythm Units
    A range of very clever electronic drum pads for students, together with the relatively rare breed of dedicated rhythm units.