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Our classical, folk, guitars and bass guitars are separated into straightforward "galleries", with descriptions and specs of all the models - you will see famous names and some amazing designs throughout.

There are separate galleries for guitar packages, which can include the essential accessories such as the carry case or (with the electric and bass models), the package will include a basic practice amplifier and other accessories.

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  • Classical Guitars

    Classical Guitars
    A range of popular student classical guitars, ideal for education and learners, plus a few stunning classics for intermediate players.
  • Folk Guitars

    Folk Guitars
    Our range of folk (steel-strung) acoustic guitars, each sourced for quality tone and build, and suitable for students with discounts available for our school customers!
  • Electro-Acoustic Guitars

    Electro-Acoustic Guitars
    A range of stunning semi-acoustic (or 'electro-acoustic') guitars from premier manufacturers.
  • Electric Lead Guitars

    Electric Lead Guitars
    A range of student electric guitars suitable for beginners & intermediate players.
  • Bass Guitars

    Bass Guitars
    Several styles of bass guitar selected for students to start on, and ideal for use in the classroom.
  • Bass Guitar Packages

    Bass Guitar Packages
    Here we show some popular bass guitars, plus all the accessories that a budding bassist may need.
  • Electric Guitar Packages

    Electric Guitar Packages
    Selected here are some popular instruments, packaged with the necessary accessories for a beginner to start playing.
  • Classical Guitar Packages

    Classical Guitar Packages
    Both the popular starter packs, and the range of classroom multipacks are featured in this gallery, to save you time and money choosing compatible accessories.