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Tambourines, triangles and many others feature in the gallery below, with some superb percussion packages for good measure!

We have focused on good quality budget hand percussion models which are in use in thousands of schools across the world, as well as premium-brand models.

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  • Tambourines

    A range of tambourines and jingle sticks ideal for classroom use - all sizes and designs can be found here!
  • Castanets

    Our range of Spanish castanets and similar percussion items from around the world!
  • Tambours

    The generic term "tambours" covers hand drums without jingles, and special designs such as Irish Bodhrans and ocean drums.
  • Triangles

    A range of triangles suitable for young players through to concert musicians!
  • Cowbells & Agogos

    Cowbells & Agogos
    We've selected different sizes of cowbells which can be added to drum kits, and they share a gallery with the metal double agogo bells.