Portable Keyboards

Starland Music Ltd

Entry Level: Basic models designed for the first steps in learning, both in educational institutions and at home.

 Progressive Keyboards Level 1: Touch-sensitive models offering a dynamic level of expression, and much more in terms of features.

 Progressive Keyboards Level 2:  Same as Level 1 keyboards, but with longer 76-note or 88-note scope.

 Performance Keyboards:  Designed for the experienced player for studio or stage use, having the required specs for linking to amps.

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  • Entry Level Keyboards

    Entry Level Keyboards
    A superb range of educational music keyboards - absolutely ideal for complete beginners, either in the classroom or at home.
  • Progressive Keyboards Level 1

    Progressive Keyboards Level 1
    For advancing players, these have lightweight, but SENSITIVE key actions, with scope for connecting to computers. Ideal for all ages to progress beyond the first few lessons.
  • Progressive Keyboards Level 2

    Progressive Keyboards Level 2
    Very similar to Level 1, but these instruments have a longer keyboard span, with 76 notes (6 octaves) or more - still with lightweight key actions.
  • Performance Keyboards

    Performance Keyboards
    Designed for competent players, these have the quality and authenticity for public performance, and so have output sockets and advanced spec for linking to external equipment.