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Many keyboards have a socket suitable for a sustain pad or pedal, and just a few have a socket for volume or expression - these are shown under our section called Foot Controllers.

Branded sustain pedals and pads are suitable only for keyboards of that brand, whereas the Universal models have a polarity switch underneath which enables them to operate with all brands. These pedals are usually used for sustain control, but can often be used to control other aspects of your instrument such as rhythm start/stop.

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  • Sustain Pads

    Sustain Pads
    Some of these are model-specific, and more robust, but the budget quality universal model will do the job for all instruments, and cost less too.
  • Foot controllers

    Foot controllers
    Most foot controllers, also called volume pedals or swell pedals, are model-specific, and will not work with other brands - please check your owner's manual.
  • Sustain Pedals

    Sustain Pedals
    Although they do the same job, these pedals are certainly more satisfying to use - the advanced models are also sensitive when used with certain models.