Recorder & Ocarina Solutions

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Having supplied musical equipment to schools all over the world for more 30 years now, we certainly know how budgets differ, so here are some packages which should fit all kinds of budgets.  Below are all '3-piece' models, tried and tested in classrooms throughout the UK and beyond!

In this "Recorder Solutions" gallery, we just show the popular packs, clearly laid out to cater for all budgets, to save you time and money.For the full family of recorders, classroom tutor books and ocarinas, go to our recorder and accessories gallery.

  • Recorder Solutions

    Recorder Solutions
    Designed to enable you to compare quantity prices for different brands, this gallery is based around quantities of 30 or 100. It is NO TROUBLE AT ALL to provide similar savings for alternative quantities. Please call or email.
  • Ocarinas

    Some more Starland Solutions packs for the popular Ocarina Workshop models with accompanying publications.